Aviation Safety Videos #4

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To start off here’s a new release with United Airlines being the next to embrace the Star Wars theme with it’s newest safety video.




My all time favourites are anything related to the 747 and while not always directly showing off the plane they’re still centered around it in these safety demonstrations.


Cathay Pacific video from 1994.


All Nippon Airways (ANA) video circa early 1990s


Air New Zealand 747
And back onto some standard content now, here’s a directors cut of a British Airways safety video featuring much of the UKs fame.




And of course another from Air New Zealand, rebranding as the Air All Blacks for this video. There has been some controversy around the Air New Zealand videos with many believing the videos themselves detract from the message they are trying to convey with people getting to into the movie-goer spirit rather than taking in the details. Who knows right?


Lastly for this collection is Turkish Airlines Lego 2 Movie Safety Video following their initial success with the franchise.

Thanks for watching, leave a comment down below if you liked any of these videos and who knows, maybe i’ll make a 5th compilation someday.



Author: Ken Moore

I’m an aviation novice who is obsessed with planes. I love the 747 utmost and the ATR72. Newer planes such as the 787 Dreamliner also rock.

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